Can I get a "WhAt -- WhAt?!" (mycandyland) wrote,
Can I get a "WhAt -- WhAt?!"

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wooo school was cool. ha i rhymed but yeah. heh i see mr justii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i saw lisa and mr chrissy and nathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa it was sooooooo coooooooooool
after school i went to karaizzle's awesomee house lol and watched Full House, not because we are losers. bc we are coool losers :p yes yes it is cool.well i just got out of the showaaa, it only took me like 10 min. i was so amazed but yeah...oh yeah Cujeam might come over tom morning before school!! dude, that would be so cool haha.
okay i'm happy and hyper? no just happy..woooooooooooo..weeeeeeeeeee.k

oh yeah, new layout. check it out. after stephanie screwed it up i got kara's help, in which she screwed it up majorly too. lol

but now it is pretty. compliments to Karaizzleee

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