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today was cool, i didn't want to kill anyone or at least not really..okay so yeah i woke up at my own house for once and i couldn't find my glasses, i was getting pissed.oh well.anyways so yeah we had the dance/party whatever you like to call it and it was fun..first Steph came over and yeah them my mother had to sew on my straps like last minute, then Justin and his friends arrived and my mother still wasn't doen sewing so Steph i guess entertained them somehow...then Em came over and yeah then kike half the grown ups were there and wanted to take like a billion pictures..i was about to die but oh yeah then we al went to the thingy and he school look okay i guess and everyone looked nice/decent..haha...yeah okay so yeah after the thing ended..all of them came back to my house and we changed into our bathing suits to go swimming in like 0 degree weather..gagh it was freezing outside! i was about to die..then we went to stephen's house and swam with people..and no gagh people i am not intimidated by that chic, i just feel awkward so yeah that's how it goes.then me, cujean,em and steph all went to steph's house and spent the night and went to bed around 2 30 i guess? i am not quite sure so yeah everything was once..hehe yeah.bye!
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