Can I get a "WhAt -- WhAt?!" (mycandyland) wrote,
Can I get a "WhAt -- WhAt?!"

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well i woke up at about 8 22 at Steph's place and yes of course i got up and started eating choclate and was yummy, then when Em woke up we went downstairs and got pizza rolls, oh so yummy! heh yeah so then em left and took me home at about 11 so we could get ready for the yacht with em, the yacht was awesome and we had alot of fun, it was Maggie, Kara, Steph, Kristen, Em, me, and Cujean came along! it was yeah then we got back and everything and we raided the candy store, hah yeah that was fun too and like no parental interference today any..gagh i loved it! okay so yeah now i am home eating my candy that i got and ACTUALLY BOUGHT *cough* hah yeah okay..and then me and kristen and steph were in the bedroom in the yacht and we had a nice sex was interesting, and then we were wondering if you could have sex on the bed and you can;t bc you would hit your head..and i didn't even mean to and i hit my head, it was weird and yeah, so yeah that's my day..and arrrg i hate thinking about stuff that makes me like feel all weird..but i like thinking about it but i can't like have it at that moment, so yeah well i'm out! bye
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